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Doctors spoilers: Business is booming for Valerie Pitman!

Doctors, Valerie Pitman, Emma Reid, Zara Carmichael

There's an unexpected bidding war for receptionist Valerie's paintings. Is the real artist Geoffrey the cat about to become Letherbridge's most famous!

Valerie Pitman is on a roll with her paintings and could soon strike it rich!

When receptionist Valerie brings in more of the artwork created by her cat Geoffrey, two patients start a bidding war for the same painting!

Tech guy Ferdy Pendleton returns to The Mill, curious about the paintings. And then when Emma Reid offers to buy one of them, Valerie is unsure whether she's prepared to part with the painting for such a low price!

With her business hat on, Valerie decides to set-up a website for Geoffrey's paintings - and there's another surprise to come when The Baywater Gallery gets in touch to offer Geoffrey his own exhibition.

But how does Geoffrey feel about stepping into the limelight?

Doctors, Squiz

Homeless man Squiz is hassled by teenage bullies (Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Lea Barratt

Lea fears the worst when her son Riley goes missing... (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, policeman Rob Hollins investigates when a gang of teenage boys bully a homeless man, Squiz at the park.

But things take an unexpected turn when a frantic mum Lea Barratt contacts the police to report her 12-year-old son, Riley missing. He was last seen talking to Squiz in the park...

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One