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Doctors spoilers: Can Al Haskey get Mrs Tembe in the Christmas spirit?

Doctors, Mrs Tembe
(Image credit: BBC)

Mrs Tembe has been having a crisis of faith since Heston's death. Can her colleagues at The Mill get her into the Christmas spirit?

Mrs Tembe is usually a regular church goer. But the surgery practice manager has really been struggling with her faith since the death of her good friend, Dr Heston Carter.

Al Haskey is surprised when he comes to work and sees there are no Christmas decorations up at The Mill. He's saddened when Mrs Tembe tells him she doesn't think Christmas decorations are appropriate this year after the car crash Al, Heston and herself were involved in.

However, Al disagrees with Mrs Tembe and is determined to find a way to get her in the Christmas spirit. But will his plan work?

Doctors, Valerie Pitman, Jimmi Clay, Al Haskey

How will Mrs Tembe react when her surgery colleagues put the Christmas decorations up? (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Zara Carmichael shares her woes with husband Daniel Granger that she's had just about enough of his tweenage daughter Izzie's bratty behaviour, after catching the girl raiding her wardrobe.

But how will Daniel react when Zara suggests they have a family therapy session before things get even more out of hand at home?

Elsewhere, surgery nurse Ayesha Lee gets a bad case of stagefright when she is asked to step in and direct a student play about allergy awareness, which was originally a project of the late Heston Carter.

Ayesha quickly discovers she has her hands full with one of the performers Kenneth 'Keg' Brewer, whose stand-up comedy act quickly offends people.

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Kenneth 'Keg' Brewer

Ayesha meets a controversial stand-up comedian (Picture: BBC)

Can Ayesha rein in Keg's comedy routine and do Heston's am-dram legacy proud at the same time?

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