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Doctors spoilers: Daniel Granger clashes with his ex-girlfriend Lisa Torres

Doctors, Lisa Torres, Izzie Torres

Things get heated when Daniel's ex-girlfriend Lisa turns up at the Granger/Carmichael house. Has she come to take daughter Izzie back home?

The fireworks fly at the Granger/Carmichael house when Daniel Granger's angry ex-girlfriend Lisa Torres (played by Leila Birch, who used to play Beppe di Marco's wildchild younger sister Teresa in EastEnders) turns up.

As the pair squabble about what's best for their tweenage daughter, Izzie, Daniel's wife Zara Carmichael feels for Izzie who is caught in the middle, and lets the girl know she is welcome to stay anytime she likes.

Will Lisa take Izzie back to Nottingham with her? Or will Daniel fight for his rights to have Izzie come and live with him and Zara?

Doctors, Zara Carmichael, Izzie Torres

Zara comforts Izzie as parents Daniel and Lisa argue. (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, it's a big day at The Mill as it's the 70th anniversary of the NHS. Dr Jimmi Clay decides to mark the occasion by putting on display an old-fashioned iron lung on display - a ventilator which helps patients with certain diseases to breathe more easily.

But there's chaos when surgery nurse Ayesha Lee climbs into the iron lung and gets stuck inside!

Doctors, Ruhma Carter, Jeanette Lewis, Meg Watson

Ruhma wonders if Jeanette is unfairly picking on Meg in the workplace. (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, midwife Ruhma Carter finds herself working with nurse Meg Watson, who has returned to work after being signed-off with stress.

However, Meg's return to work isn't smooth sailing when Meg's boss Jeanette Lewis continues to question and undermine her.

Can Ruhma find a way to keep the peace between the two women before Meg decides to quit her job permanently?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One