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Doctors spoilers: Daniel Clay discovers Jimmi Clay is on drugs!

Doctors, Daniel Granger, Jimmi Clay
(Image credit: BBC)

When Daniel lands a new job as prison medic on Doctors he comes face-to-face wth co-worker Jimmi and makes a SHOCK discovery...

Jimmi Clay (played by Adrian Lewis Morgan) has sunk to an all-time low in prison on Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings).

With no hope of getting out of prison anytime soon, the troubled medic has turned to his dodgy cellmate Bowser (Nicholas Aaron) for help and is now getting high on spice to escape his worries!

But help may soon be at hand when the new prison medic turns out to be none other than Jimmi's co-worker, Dr Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers)!

When Daniel comes face-to-face with Jimmi, he is shocked at the state of his friend, who has lost all hope of being released from prison and is desperate for more drugs...

Can Daniel find a way to help Jimmi battle his illegal addiction?

Doctors, Jimmi Clay, Daniel Granger

Daniel is shocked at the state of Jimmi on Doctors...

Meanwhile, back at the Mill, Sid Vere (Ashley Rice) is beginning to worry about the future of the minor surgery unit, since the number of bookings has been dropping.

Sid wonders if business manager Bear Sylvester (Dex Lee) sees the unit as a priority. So he invites Bear to watch a procedure so he can get a better idea of what goes on.

But disaster strikes when a mole removal proves too much for Bear and he keels over!

Doctors, Sid Vere, Bear Sylvester

What causes Bear to faint on Doctors?

Elsewhere, Al Haskey (Ian Midlane) bumps into Sophie Caldwell (Clare Foster), an old friend from medical school.

But things take a spooky turn when Sophie reveals she has been having some strange visions and thinks she has been seeing the ghost of her dead mum!

Is Sophie really seeing dead people? Or as Al suspects, could there be a more rational explanation for the things that are going bump in the night?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One