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Doctors spoilers: Can Daniel Granger prevent a prison suicide?

Doctors, Daniel Granger, Mark Casey
(Image credit: BBC)

Daniel and Jimmi team-up on today's episode of Doctors to try and help a troubled prisoner who blames himself for the death of a fellow inmate.

Do you remember Jimmi Clay's (played by Adrian Lewis Morgan) former cellmate, Leon Sharma (Jonas Khan) on Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings)?

Jonas has a new cellmate, Mark Casey (Dean John-Wilson).

In today's episode of the BBC daytime drama, Mark unexpectedly snaps and ATTACKS Jonas in their prison cell!

After Mark is sent to isolation as punishment, prison medic Daniel Granger (Matthew Chambers) tries to get to the bottom of Mark's mental state.

Daniel reels when Mark claims he has killed someone!

Doctors, George

What led prison inmate George to take his own life on Doctors?

Daniel discovers from prison guard Vincent Manning (Laurence Saunders) that Mark's previous cellmate George (Lewis Mackinnon, who was previously seen on an episode of Doctors last October) commit suicide and Mark feels responsible.

Doctors, George, Mark Casey

The relationship between prison inmates George and Mark is explored in a flashback on today's episode of Doctors

Meanwhile, after Jimmi talks to Leon, he becomes increasingly worried that Mark could be planning to take his own life...

Can Daniel and Jimmi prevent another tragedy happening?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One