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Doctors spoilers: Emma Reid is in BIG trouble with the police!

Doctors, Emma Reid, DS Chloe Margrave
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Emma's undercover snooping comes back to haunt her when DS Chloe Margrave confronts the GP and threatens to report her on Doctors...

In today's episode of Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings), will Dr Emma Reid (played by Dido Miles) find herself under arrest?

When Emma reports to the police station for her latest shift as Forensic Medical Examiner, she's in for an unpleasant suprise when DS Chloe Margrave (Tanya-Loretta Dee) confronts her.

DS Margrave has discovered Emma snooped through her private e-mails in search of evidence that could help clear the name of fellow GP, Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan)... and threatens to report Emma!

Uh-oh, this could mean the end of Emma's medical career...

OR, can Emma find a way to turn the tables on the no-nosense detective?

Meanwhile, Al Haskey (Ian Midlane) is also doing his bit to try and get Jimmi out of prison.

Despite being warned by policeman Rob Hollins (Chris Walker) to do things by the book, Al decides to stakeout the bedsit of SJ (Lydia Hourihan) again.

He's determined to question the former employee of The Icon about what she might know about Jimmi being framed for drugs possession last year.

With Jimmi's future freedom on the line, Al decides there's no more Mr Nice Guy and cranks up the pressure on SJ, threatening to make her life even more miserable if she doesn't give him the information he wants!

Doctors, Jamie Baxter, Mel Hislop

A patient's planned vasectomy leads to a SHOCK revelation on Doctors...

Back at the surgery, nurse Ayesha Lee (Laura Rollins) and Sid Vere (Ashley Rice) find themselves caught in the middle of a SHOCK relationship fallout.

Jamie Baxter (Theo Solomon) checks in for a vasectomy.

But just as Sid is about to carry out the procedure, Jamie's girlfriend, Mel Hislop (Rita Balogun) interupts the proceedings by making a startling revelation...

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One