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Doctors spoilers: Emma Reid's bridezilla houseguest from HELL!

Doctors, Emma Reid
(Image credit: BBC)

Emma is not impressed when her home is taken over by a visiting bridezilla and her annoying bridesmaids on today's episode of Doctors!

Emma Reid (played by Dido Miles) never knows quite what to expect since she opened-up her home bed and breakfast style to paying guests on Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Emma's latest guest is Melissa Howard (Bethan Cullinane), a stressed-out bride-to-be.

Doctors, Melissa Howard

Bride-to-be Melissa is worried her wedding is going to be a disaster on Doctors...

Melissa's fiance is stuck in Prague, her father is ill at home and her bridesmaids are nowhere to be found.

So none of this bodes well for the upcoming wedding... and anxious Melissa is becoming a bridezilla!

Doctors, Danni Colton

Young mum Danni and her son are about to be evicted from their home on Doctors...

Meanwhile, one of Emma's previous patients, Danni Colton (Dani Moseley), is worried she'll soon be homeless.

Danni has comtacted the local council for help. But she and her son are facing eviction.

After Emma becomes aware of Danni's drama, she is determined to find a way to help.

Doctors continues every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 1:45pm on BBC One