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Doctors spoilers: Have Heston Carter, Al Haskey and Mrs Tembe survived the SHOCK car crash?

Doctors, Zara Carmichael
(Image credit: BBC)

Shock news reaches the staff of The Mill about Heston, Al and Mrs Tembe's car crash. But have they all survived the terrible accident?

It is not looking good for Heston Carter, Al Haskey and surgery Practice Manager Mrs Tembe, after the trio were involved in a shock car crash.

Having been pulled from the wreckage of Heston's beloved Jag, the three are raced to A&E, where it's not long before Heston's nurse wife Ruhma hears her husband has been admitted in a critical state, with bleeding to the brain...

She immediately calls her teenage children Shak and Alia Hanif to get to the hospital.

Meanwhile at the surgery, Dr Zara Carmichael and her hubby Dr Daniel Granger reel when their colleague Dr Jimmi Clay breaks the news about the crash. Zara immediately races to the hospital.

But will she be greeted by good or bad news about her colleagues?

Doctors, Zara Carmichael, Daniel Granger

Zara and Daniel reel from the shock news about Heston, Al and Mrs Tembe. (Picture: BBC)

As everyone waits for further news, policeman Rob Hollins is already on the case and ready to investigate the events that led to Heston's car skidding off the road and ending up in a field.

But it's all too much for midwife Ruhma who just needs to find a quiet place to gather her thoughts.

Doctors, Ruhma Carter

Ruhma holds a newborn baby just after discovering shock news about her husband Heston. (Picture: BBC)

However, a new father James Lewis wants to take Ruhma to visit his wife Sue (played by guest star Vicky Binns who was Tyrone Dobbs's doomed wife Molly in Corrie) and their newborn baby.

Can Ruhma keep her emotions together for the happy patients?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One