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Doctors spoilers: Heston Carter, Al Haskey and Mrs Tembe in car crash HORROR!

Doctors, Heston Carter, Al Haskey, Mrs Tembe

Will Heston Carter, Al Haskey and Mrs Tembe survive when Heston's beloved Jaguar spins out of control and they crash into a field?

Things are still frosty between Dr Heston Carter and surgery Practice Manager, Mrs Tembe after their disagreement over the running of the Minor Surgery Unit.

But when biscuit-gate threatens to strike again, with Heston and Mrs Tembe still disagreeing over which biscuit is best, their irritated work colleague Dr Al Haskey decides enough is enough.

Al reckons it's time the pair settled their differences since they've always been very good friends. So with Al acting as peacekeeper, the trio head out for lunch and a heart-to-heart.

With their quarrels put aside, Al is thrilled after lunch when Heston lets him drive his beloved Jag with Mrs Tembe and Heston as his backseat passengers.

But just as the trio are celebrating the success of their lunch-time peace talks, Al unexpectedly loses control of the car on a sharp bend in the road. The tyres skid on mud and the car crashes through a hedge into an adjacent field.

As the dust settles, the car lies still and silent and there is no sign of movement from Al, Heston or Mrs Tembe...

Doctors, Heston Carter

(Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Al Haskey

(Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Mrs Tembe

Things take a terrible turn for Heston, Al and Mrs Tembe... (Picture: BBC)

Will they all survive this shock car crash?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One