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Doctors spoilers: How did James Coulter end up homeless on the streets?

Doctors, James Coulter

James reveals to former foster parents Karen and Rob how he found himself living rough on the streets of Letherbridge...

There's a shock for Karen and Rob Hollins when their former foster son James Coulter reveals the reason he ended up homeless on the streets.

In flashbacks, James is seen being targetted by a bully, Baz Clegg at the bedsit he moved into. But when Baz's bullying takes a violent turn, James fears for his life and escapes.

But after losing his job and left with no money for food or rent, things continue to go from bad to worse for James...

Doctors, James Coulter

James was attacked while living rough on the streets (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile in the present, policeman Rob and his colleague PC Ella Bradley hit the streets to find a homeless man who has been beaten up and his sleeping bag set on fire.

While dealing with Ella's bitter prejudice towards the homeless community, Rob discovers the man is Ned Heath, an alcoholic who helped James when he was attacked on the streets.

Can Rob make sure James's troubled friend Ned gets the help he needs?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One