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Doctors spoilers: Dr Jimmi Clay and Dr Emma Reid kiss!

Doctors, Jimmi Clay, Emma Reid

During their overnight trip for a medical course, Jimmi and Emma head to his hotel room for a late-night drink and find themselves kissing!

Dr Jimmi Clay and Dr Emma Reid are away from the surgery on an overnight trip for a medical course. Their colleague Dr Zara Carmichael has already stirred the pot by suggesting the past attraction between Jimmi and Emma is still there. But although Emma has laughed off Zara's mischief making, could she be right?

After a boring day on the course, Jimmi and Emma head out to a restaurant for dinner together and then end up back at Jimmi's hotel room for a late-night drink. When Jimmi accidentally spills his drink, Emma makes a move to help and the next moment the pair find themselves kissing!

Meanwhile, down at the police station, Karen Hollins is in big trouble after her confrontation with PC Pat Dyson during her protest outside the local council building. Karen can't believe such a fuss is being made about nothing and continues to clash with PC Dyson when she interviews the surgery receptionist.

However, Karen could be in luck since her colleague Dr Al Haskey filmed the protest on his phone. Will the video footage help prove Karen is innocent?

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Valerie Pitman pops into a local cafe to buy some cakes for Karen. But instead she finds herself in a dangerous situation when angry teenager Taylor Hynds, armed with a knife, demands money from cafe owner Maggie Owen. Can Valerie help calm the situation and make it out of the cafe safely?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45 on BBC One