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Doctors spoilers: Luca McIntyre suspects a case of domestic violence...

Doctors spoilers, Luca McIntyre, Ben Harrison
(Image credit: BBC)

Luca McIntyre suspects a case of domestic violence when he finds injuries on the body of a male patient on Doctors. WHO is responsible?

Luca McIntyre (played by Ross McClaren) tries to help a colon cancer survivor on today's standalone episode of Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings)

Ben Harrison (Ian Weichardt) also suffers from agoraphobia.

So when Luca arrives for a home visit, at first there is no sign of patient Ben.

But Luca spots someone peeking through the curtains of the house...

Luca looks through the letterbox and sees Ben is hiding inside!

The surgery nurse convinces Ben to let him into the house.

Inside, Luca carries out a medical investigation and is concerned to see some injuries on Ben's body.

Ben claims the injuries are all self-inflicted.

But Luca is not so convinced.

Doctors spoilers, Ben Harrison

Doctors spoilers, Moira Cole

Luca McIntyre tries to find out WHY patient Ben is scared of his fiancee Moira on today's episode of Doctors...

Things take a worrying turn when Ben gets a phonecall from his fiancee Moira Cole (Crystal Condie) and starts to panic.

Ben tries to send Luca packing when he realises Moira is on her way back to the house.

Is there a reason that Ben is afraid of Moira?

Doctors continues this Monday to Friday at 1:45pm on BBC One