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Doctors spoilers: Mrs Tembe clashes with arch-rival Jeremy Smail

Doctors, Mrs Tembe, Jeremy Smail
(Image credit: BBC)

Mrs Tembe is not impressed when she comes face-to-face with the infamous Jeremy Smail, practice manager of rival surgery, Sutton Vale

Mrs Tembe has never been a fan of rival surgery Sutton Vale run by "odious" practice manager, Jeremy Smail. They always seem to be bragging about their achievements.

So when she comes face-to-face with Mr Smail at a Practice Managers' Meeting, she is not amused when he tries to wind-up her up about recent disasters at The Mill, including their IT problems and Dr Jimmi Clay quitting as a partner.

But Mrs Tembe's blood is literally left boiling when Mr Smail's misquotes her in his online blog and smugly warns her that big changes are coming and a small surgery like The Mill will not survive. The nerve of that man!

Meanwhile, surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman comes to the rescue of a woman, Rhoda Jolie, after she takes a tumble in the street.

Rhoda is a nurse who has just quit her job at rival surgery Sutton Vale. But as the two women bond over their shared dislike of Sutton Vale and its awful Practice Manager Jeremy Smail, Valerie is thrown when Rhoda unexpectedly kisses her! Unsure of her feelings about the situation, is there a chance Valerie could be a lesbian or bisexual?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One