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Doctors spoilers: Mrs Tembe and Rev Gordon Clement kiss!

Doctors, Mrs Tembe, Gordon Clement
(Image credit: BBC)

When Mrs Tembe and Gordon recall their past relationship and what went wrong, they find themselves in an unexpected embrace and kiss!

Several years ago, Mrs Tembe was enjoying a fine romance with Gordon Clement, the vicar at her parish church. But things went horribly wrong when Mrs Tembe's supposedly dead former husband Thomas came back into the picture!

But now it looks like the two might have a second chance at love.

After spending lots of time together over the festive period and rebuilding their friendship after their bad break-up, Mrs Tembe starts to give her current connection to Gordon some thought. The surgery practice manager is aware she's not very experienced in relationships and not too sure what she has to offer vicar Gordon long-term.

However, Gordon clearly likes Mrs Tembe just the way she is, when he pulls her close and they share their first new kiss!

Meanwhile, with Sid Vere still off work after the punch-up with Daniel Granger over Sid's one-night stand with Daniel's wife, Zara, the rest of their colleagues are still gossiping about all the goings-on.

After a heart-to-heart with Emma Reid, Zara realises she will truly have to fight if she wants to save her marriage to Daniel.

Doctors, Emma Reid, Zara Carmichael

Emma supports Zara through her marriage crisis (Picture: BBC)

But will Zara's emotional plea for another chance be enough to convince Daniel to reconcile?

Doctors, Ridley Pope, Masie Pope

Ridley's younger sister Masie teases him about his undeclared love for best friend Kit (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, can Al Haskey help teenager Ridley Pope overcome his anxiety and come clean about his love for his best friend, Kit Dean? Or will Ridley's declaration of love end in disaster?

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