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Doctors spoilers: The origins of Al Haskey revealed in special FLASHBACK

Doctors, Sheila Mills, Young Al Haskey

A special flashback storyline shows the special relationship between Dr Al Haskey and his Auntie Sheila and how he became a sci-fi fan!

Something strange has happened to Al Haskey after being punched by his work colleague Jimmi Clay during a game of tag. He has woken up and forgotten who he is in the present day!

A worried Jimmi, who mistook Al for an intruder, calls doctors Daniel Granger and Sid Vere to help diagnose the situation. They think Al should go to hospital but he doesn't want to.

Doctors, Jimmi Clay, Al Haskey

Al loses his memory after being punched by Jimmi! (Picture: BBC)

Al has no idea who Jimmi, Daniel or Sid are and, annoyed by their arguing, the medic runs off and later manages to set off the alarm at The Mill because he can't remember the alarm code!

All Al seems to remember is his Auntie Sheila and how she took him to a 50s diner after school and that she helped him get out of PE when the class bully picked on him for liking the new girl Gracie. She also introduced him to sci-fi.

Can the staff at The Mill get to the bottom of Al's sudden memory loss?

Meanwhile, it's not a good morning after the night before for nurse Ayesha Lee and practice manager Becky Clarke.

The ladies danced the night away and are now paying the price for all those 2-for-1 cocktails!

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Becky Clarke

Can Ayesha and Becky solve the mystery of what's happened to Valerie's cat, Geoffrey? (Picure: BBC)

But their hangovers aren't helped when surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman asks if they've seen her cat, Geoffrey.

Did they accidentally let the feline outside by mistake? And, if so, how will they break the bad news to Valerie?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One