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Doctors spoilers: Rob Hollins investigates a case of sexual assault

Doctors, Rob Hollins, Emma Reid

Rob, with the help of Emma, looks into an accusation of sexual assault against his new boss, Police Commissioner James Bailey...

Letherbridge policeman Rob Hollins is not looking forward to a visit from new Police Commissioner, James Bailey, who he is definitely not a fan of.

But meanwhile, it's criminal business as usual when Rob and PC Devon Newman are called to a local hotel to question an escort Stella Parkinson who has been accused of stealing.

But the case takes a twist, when Stella reappears again later, this time with an allegation of sexual assault. While Dr Emma Reid is examining Stella at the Sexual Assault Referral Clinic, Stella identifies her attacker... Police Commissioner James Bailey!

Doctors, Emma Reid, Stella Parkinson

Emma meets escort Stella, the victim of a sexual assault (Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Police Commissioner James Bailey

Rob hears a shock allegation against his police boss, James Bailey (Picture: BBC)

Will Rob risk the wrath of Bailey and build a case against him to help Stella see justice?

Meanwhile, at The Mill, there's a bad case of back-to-work blues after the Christmas break.

Zara Carmichael, who is still at odd with husband Daniel Granger, tells her colleague Sid Vere that their drunken one-night stand was a mistake and must never happen again!

And surgery midwife Ruhma Carter faces a dilemma after receiving a cash offer to buy the home she shared with her late husband, Heston. Will Ruhma decide to sell up? And how will her children Shak and Alia react to the news?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One