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Doctors spoilers: Midwife Ruhma Carter meets a surrogate mum with a big decision to make

Doctors, Sam Perkin, Richard Lewis, Clare Perkin, Ruhma Carter

Can midwife Ruhma help when a medical emergency leaves surrogate mum Clare with the dilemma of whether to hand over or keep her baby?

Surgery midwife Ruhma Carter meets Clare Perkin, a pregnant young woman who has agreed to have a baby for her younger brother Sam and his partner Richard. So far so good. But disaster strikes when Clare falls and hurts herself while doing some exercise and suddenly goes into labour...

But when Clare is rushed to hospital, there are medical complications and she's told she might not be able to have more children in the future. Crushed, Clare is left with the dilemma of whether to stick to her word and hand over the baby girl to Sam and Richard. Or keep the baby, knowing she might not get another chance to become a mum.

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Dr Sid Vere is excited about his first date with Keziah Harvey, the woman he met at the supermarket last week.

Sid meets Keziah at the Icon bar and wastes no time in inviting Keziah to join him for a weekend away at a music festival. But Keziah gets the wrong idea and thinks Sid is suggesting a dirty weekend! Will Sid's new romance be over before it has even begun?

Elsewhere, Joe Granger-Carmichael finds himself stuck in the middle as his parents Zara and Daniel get competitive over helping the schoolboy write his three policies for the school council election.

Will Joe change his mind about running in the school elections because of his pushy parents?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One