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Doctors spoilers: Ruhma Carter investigates a ghostly mystery!

Doctors, Ruhma Carter, Jane Whitby

Ruhma meets a heavily pregnant patient Jane, whose fiance Antonine is hiding a ghostly secret from her about his first wife, Celeste...

Surgery midwife Ruhma Carter stumbles upon a ghostly mystery when she meets heavily pregnant patient, Jane Whitby, who starts to become uneasy about the circumstances surrounding the death of her fiance Antoine Dupont's first wife, Celeste.

Jane becomes suspicious after Antoine's sister Myriam arrives and she overhears a conversation between the siblings about his deceased wife, Celeste. Myriam wants to know why Antoine hasn't told Jane the truth about Celeste. But he quickly ends the conversation when he realises Jane is present.

Doctors, Jane Whitby, Antoine Dupont, Myriam Dupont

What secret is Antoine hiding from his pregnant fiancee Jane? (Picture: BBC)

What secret is Antoine hiding from Jane? And will the stress of trying to find out endanger the life of the couple's unborn child?

Meanwhile, Daniel Granger and his estranged wife Zara Carmichael continue to argue over the trip to Tanzania she has booked for her and their son, Joe, without Daniel's permission.

Daniel refuses to allow Joe to take the extra time off school but Zara is convinced Daniel's just being difficult to get back at her after the break-up of their marriage.

And surgery practice manager Becky Clarke tries to shut down the game of tag that has taken a very competitive turn at the surgery. But will any of the players heed her warning?

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