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Doctors spoilers: Ruhma Carter's daughter Alia has SHOCK news!

Doctors, Heston Carter, Ruhma Carter

Ruhma tries to keep the peace at home as the family squabbles continue over the recent terrible turn of events. But then daughter Alia drops a news bomb!

It's been a full-on week for surgery midwife Ruhma Carter both at home and at work.

And matters haven't been helped by squabbles between her teenagers Alia and Shak Hanif over whose to blame for the car crash involving Ruhma's husband Heston and his surgery colleagues Dr Al Haskey and Mrs Tembe.

But the family dramas see no sign of ending when Alia makes a shock announcement at home!

Elsewhere, Daniel Granger and his wife Zara Carmichael are getting settled as a family unit now Daniel's tweenage daughter Izzie Torres has come to live with them and their young son Joe in Letherbridge.

But when Zara suggests they include Izzie on the annual Carmichael-Granger Christmas card, could she unintentionally be the cause of trouble between Daniel and his ex, Lisa Torres?

Meanwhile, Dr Jimmi Clay holds a counselling session for a mum, Hayley Brown, who is having serious issues with her daughter Katy.

Doctors, Katy Brown, Hayley Brown

Jimmi meets mum Hayley who has a troubled relationship with her daughter Katy. (Picture: BBC)

Katy appears to be caught-in-the-middle of the bad blood between Hayley and her ex-partner, but is acting up by rebelling and playing truant from school.

But when Jimmi starts to dig a bit deeper, he uncovers an event buried in the past that might explain the troubled relationship between mum and daughter...

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One