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Doctors spoilers: Sid Vere and Al Haskey get a lesson in love!

Doctors, Holly Brooker

Single medics Sid and Al go in search of some love life advice when they attend a Love Lessons workshop... where Al is in for a surprise!

After his parents' recent wedding anniversary and the realisation that his mum Estelle so often runs his love life, Sid Vere has decided to take action and attend a Love Lessons workshop... and he's convinced his less-than-enthusiastic surgery colleague Al Haskey to come along too!

As workshop leader Holly Brooker gets things underway, grouchy Al isn't keen to join in at all and does his best to avoid answering any questions. However, he may have met his match in Holly, whose skills may outwit his reluctance!

Meanwhile, Sid happily gets stuck into making a mood board and then talks the class through what he's made, even though Al still isn't taking the class seriously and making light of everything.

Al tries to deflect by making jokes until Holly hits a nerve and tells him why she thinks he is so keen to distract with humour. Is she right?

Doctors, Sally Tennant

Sally is suffering from migraines (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, Emma Reid sees patient Sally Tennant who is suffering with migraines.

Emma suspects stress is causing Sally's headaches and it's not long before she discovers Sally is having problems with her father, Charlie, who has recently been acting very strangely.

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