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Doctors spoilers: Sid Vere gets new lead on LONG-LOST brother Laurence

Doctors, Sid Vere

After a chat with his colleague Emma, determined medic Sid decides to contact an adoption agency about his brother, Laurence

As Sid Vere continues to search for information about his missing long-lost brother, Laurence, the medic is at risk of behaving in an unethical manner and getting on the wrong side of his surgery colleagues.

Sid has already considered snooping through confidential medical records in search of information about the baby his parents Estelle and Tye Vere abandoned soon after birth. And when both Al Haskey and Emma Reid confront him about his behaviour, he gets angry and defensive!

Sid snaps at Emma about his parents and how he feels like everything he knows about them is a lie. Emma tries to be sympathetic and reminds Sid that things were different back in the 80s when his parents gave up Laurence. But suddenly Sid has a lightbulb moment and decides an adoption agency might be able to point him in the right direction...

Meanwhile, Daniel Granger has been super-stressed out over the behaviour of his estranged wife, Zara Carmichael. So his colleagues Becky Clarke and Jimmi Clay wonder if Daniel would be a good candidate to try out a 'Forest Bathing' session, known to have a calming effect. But will Daniel go for the idea?

Doctors, Karen Hollins, Lily Glover

Has Lily been ripped off by her online therapist, Ezra? (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, receptionist Karen Hollins meets bipolar sufferer Lily Glover, and becomes concerned when she hears how Lily has fallen for an online therapist, Ezra Christie, and paid for him to come and stay with her.

But now Ezra, along with Lily's electronic tablet and credit card have all disappeared...

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One