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Doctors spoilers: Sid Vere investigates a SHOCK family secret!

Doctors, Estelle Vere, Sid Vere, Tye Vere

Sid visits his parents Estelle and Tye but is puzzled when he accidentally discovers a mystery baby's hospital wrist band. What's going on?

Ever since his parents' wedding anniversary party, Sid Vere has begun to question the strong influence his mum Estelle has over his life... especially when it comes to the ladies in Sid's life.

So the medic decides to visit his parents and see if there's a polite way to tell his mum to back-off!

However, when Sid decides it's time to come clean and confess to the brief affair he had with his married boss, Zara Carmichael, last year, Estelle immediately starts interfering again, disappointed by Sid's behaviour and worried that he may still be attracted to Zara.

When Estelle then writes off Sid's recent relationship coaching through the Love Lessons workshop as nonsense, he decides enough is enough and he needs a mum-free break!

But before he leaves his parents' home, Sid accidentally stumbles upon a photo of his pregnant mum plus a mystery baby's hospital wrist band with a written birth date TWO years before he was born. What's going on?

Meanwhile, back at the surgery, Zara and estranged hubby Daniel Granger continue to get on each other's nerves. Especially after Daniel hears Zara is talk of the school because she has been on a date with another man over the weekend!

Doctors, Carys Goodwell

What's troubling patient Carys? (Picture: BBC)

And Jimmi Clay does his best to help a very indecisive patient, Carys Goodwell, who simply cannot decide whether to attend her appointment at the surgery or not.

Can Cary's brother Thad help Jimmi get to the bottom of what is really troubling Carys?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One