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Doctors spoilers: Tariq is the victim of a hit and run!

Doctors Week26 Karen Al and MrsTembe

Whodunit? Ruhma, Alia, Shak and Heston could all be suspects when Alia's nasty ex-boyfriend Tariq is the victim of a hit and run...

The Carter house is still reeling from the shock events of the past few days and the shame teenager Alia has suffered at the hands of her sleazy ex-boyfriend Tariq.

Ruhma does her best to support daughter Alia and even Ruhma's stuffy partner Heston is proving a great help, talking to his angry stepson Shak about what happened. Ruhma decides the family need to put the nightmare behind them and carry on. However, nobody really feels justice has been served. So, later that day, when Tariq is hit by a car and left for dead, is it possible someone in the family was responsible?

Meanwhile, it is nurse Penny's last day working at the surgery. And when Ayesha brings along a box of doughnuts to Penny's farewell celebrations, Al has an idea for a comedy party game. Uh-oh!

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC1