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Doctors spoilers: Valerie Pitman wonders why The Mill is CLOSED!

Doctors, Valerie Pitman
(Image credit: BBC)

Surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman is in for a surprise on Doctors when she comes back from lunch to discover The Mill is closed!

There's a mystery to be solved on today's episode of Doctors (1:45pm on BBC One, see our TV Guide for full listings), when surgery receptionists Valerie Pitman (played by Sarah Moyle) and Karen Hollins (Jan Pearson) and Dr Emma Reid (Dido Miles) return from lunch to discover the The Mill is closed for business!

What's going on?

Meanwhile, it's a big day for Imogen Hollins (Charlie Clemmow) as she prepares for her appointment with the specialist hospital consultant, to find out for sure if she has breast cancer.

After meeting the consultant and being talked through what's going to happen, it all starts to prove too much for Imogen, who still hasn't told her mum Karen what's going on.

Later, Imogen gets a call from the consultant and rushes off. And when her boyfriend Sid Vere (Ashley Rice) calls to find out how her hospital appointment went, Imogen is crying in the toilets.

Doctors, Imogen Hollins

Will Imogen go through with her hospital appointment to find out if she has breast cancer on Doctors?

Has she received good or bad news?

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Dr Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan) finds himself embroiled in a feud, when one of his counselling patients Neil Baldwin (Gerard McDermott) tries to befriend Sarah Kemp (Isla Johnston), who has selective mutism, only to face angry opposition from Sarah's protective mum, Rose (Joanna Miller).

Doctors, Jimmi Clay

Dr Jimmi Clay tries to help in a feud involving one of his counselling patients Neil and the protective mum of a girl Sarah with selective mutism on Doctors

ALSO, the grand finale of ArtFest is ready to be unveiled.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One