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Doctors spoilers: Can Valerie Pitman find out what's troubling Izzie Torres?

Doctors, Izzie Torres, Valerie Pitman

When surgery receptionist Valerie accompanies Izzie to her ballet lesson, will she be the one to find out the reason behind Izzie's bad behaviour?

Izzie Torres continues to be the cause of more squabbling between her dad Daniel Granger and his wife Zara Carmichael. This time, the couple can't agree who is going to take Izzie to her ballet lesson as their childminder is unavailable. However, there's an unexpected solution at the surgery when receptionist Valerie Pitman offers to help out and take Izzie to her ballet lesson.

Having already hit it off with Izzie when Daniel's daughter previously visited The Mill, Valerie decides to join in the lesson too, and it's not long before Valerie and Izzie are having a super-fun time together.

Feeling comfortable in Valerie's company, will Izzie open up about her home life with Daniel and her stepmum Zara and reveal the real reason she has been playing up lately?

Meanwhile, back at the surgery, Karen is annoyed when her policeman husband Rob pays a visit and spends most of the time asking questions about Karen's colleague, Al Haskey. How is Al after the shock car crash which killed Heston Carter? Why hasn't Al opened up more about the tragic turn of events?

Karen warns Rob to step aside from his police investigation and leave Al alone. But is Rob right to worry about Al, who hasn't driven since the accident?

Elsewhere, Mrs Tembe meets Jan Miller, who is threatening legal action, blaming The Mill for the stroke which has left her husband Marius disabled.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One