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Doctors spoilers: What was Alia's friend Farah doing with Tarks on the night of the hit-and-run?

Doctors, Farah Saleem

Farah finds herself being questioned by policeman Rob and his colleague DI Mark Addison. Why was she with Tarks just before the hit-and-run?

Letherbridge crime-fighter Rob and his police colleague DI Mark Addison have a new suspect to grill, after they discover Alia's best friend Farah was seen with Tarks just before the hit-and-run horror.

But why was Farah anywhere near Tarks after the way he treated Alia? Farah makes a suprise revelation about Tarks and then admits she was at the Carter house on the night of the crime, so she could have had access to Heston's car keys. Is Farah the guilty party?

Meanwhile, tensions are high at the Carter house with Heston, his wife Ruhma and teenagers Alia and Shak all suspicious of each other. But little do they know things are about to get a lot worse, as the police get a new lead in the case and prepare to make an arrest...

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