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Doctors spoilers: WHO catches Daniel Granger and Becky Clarke together?

Doctors, Becky Clarke, Daniel Granger
(Image credit: BBC)

The secret is OUT when Daniel and Becky are caught getting passionate in her office. Could this mean the end of their short-lived romance?

After giving into their forbidden feelings for each other, Daniel Granger and Becky Clarke have spent the night together again. However, worried about the possible fallout with his estranged wife, Zara Carmichael, Daniel asks surgery Practice Manager, Becky, if they can keep their relationship a secret for now. Luckily, she seems to quite like the idea of sneaking around to spice things up!

But, unfortunately, the pair can't keep their hands off each other at the surgery. And while they are getting frisky in Becky's office, their colleague Jimmi Clay walks in! Shocked at what he sees, and worried about the consequences, will Jimmi tell Zara what's been going on right under her nose?

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, Shak Hanif is enjoying his summer work placement with the police. But the lad is annoyed when policeman Rob Hollins tells him he cannot be involved in the case involving the possible sexual assault on nurse Ayesha Lee, as it is a huge breech of confidentiality.

However, refusing to be thrown off the scent, Shak is determined to help Ayesha and secretly looks through more CCTV footage from the bar where Ayesha was when her drink was spiked. But Shak has some big explaining to do when Rob catches him in the act...

Doctors, Valerie Pitman, Aaron Lowe

Can Valerie help schoolboy Aaron? (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Valerie Pitman is out on a VPAS visit and finds herself trying to help a teenage boy, Aaron Lowe whose dad Sean has mental health issues and has gone missing...

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