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Doctors spoilers: Will Al Haskey convince Jimmi Clay to go LARPing?

Doctors, Jimmi Clay, Al Haskey
(Image credit: BBC)

When Jimmi agrees to help his buddy Al check out a woodland location for the next session of Live Action Role Playing, will Jimmi agree to join in?

So far, Al Haskey has managed to convince his surgery colleagues Ayesha Lee and Valerie Pitman to get dressed-up in costume for some live-action role-playing. So will Jimmi Clay be next?

Al railroads buddy Jimmi into helping him checkout a woodland location for another LARPing event he is organising. But, once there, mischievous medic Jimmi can't resist teasing Al as much as possible about his love of fighting fantasy, goblins and beasties!

Meanwhile, even on his day off, Daniel Granger cannot escape from his bossy boots wife Zara Carmichael!

Daniel is not impressed when Zara leaves him with a long list of chores to do. Plus the couple's son Joe has started to react to the stress of his parents' constant arguments and refuses to go to school.

However, things start to look up for Daniel when he bumps into Becky Clarke, the possible replacement for Mrs Tembe at the surgery. After hearing some of Becky's ideas, will Daniel change his negative opinions and agree to invite her for an interview for the job at The Mill?

Doctors, Karen Hollins, Portia Carrick

Karen meets The Honourable Portia Carrick (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, surgery receptionist Karen Hollins tries to discover the truth about The Honourable Portia Carrick, a recluse who likes to drive dangerously and who the local folk have nothing nice to say about.

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