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Doctors spoilers: Will Ayesha Lee and Leo Tomas break-up?

Doctors, Ayesha Lee, Leo Tomas

Just after social worker Leo asks his nurse girlfriend Ayesha to move in, he makes an upsetting discovery that could ruin everything...

Although Ayesha Lee has been starting to have doubts about her relationship with Leo Tomas, the nurse is in for a surprise when social worker Leo asks her to move in with him and even gives Ayesha her own door key!

However, Ayesha's doubts continue as she's just not sure she and Leo have a whole lot in common. So after getting some advice from surgery receptionist Valerie Pitman, Ayesha decides to compile a list of pros and cons about her relationship with Leo. Unfortunately, Ayesha accidentally drops the list, which Leo later finds...

Leo is shocked to read what Ayesha has written about him, especially the many negative points! Ayesha tries to play down the list. But has she gone too far?

Elsewhere, Dr Jimmi Clay and Dr Emma Reid awkwardly attempt to laugh off the events of the previous night. Can the medics remain just good friends?

However, it's not long before Emma has another gentleman caller, this time in the shape of a local businessman, Ivan Bloom. Ivan invites Emma out for a drink and she is intrigued to find out what he wants.

Meanwhile, Dr Heston Carter treats patient Alan Durford, a young man with learning difficulties and asthma, whose overprotective mum Sue is standing in his way of having some independence.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One