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Doctors spoilers: Will Beth and Jadie Taylor-Wood lose custody of their son Mikey?

Doctors, Beth Taylor-Wood, Jadie Taylor-Wood

In the aftermath of Dr Al Haskey's call to Social Services, parents Beth and Jadie Taylor-Wood must fight for the right to keep their son Mikey...

A chain of events has been set in motion since Dr Al Haskey's call to Social Services earlier in the week. And now parents Jadie and Beth Taylor-Wood must fight for the right to keep their six-year-old son, Mikey...

There's panic for Jadie and Beth when they receive a message from social worker Sofia Lilanga that the hearing in Family Court is happening today.

With little time to prepare or organise a solicitor, the stressed-out parents do their best to convince the court they do have Mikey's best interests at heart. Their son can be clumsy at times, which explains his various injuries.

Unfortunately, Beth's emotions get the better of her and she comes across as defensive and aggressive, especially when she accuses the authorities of being homophobic towards her and partner Jadie, as a same-sex couple. What will the verdict be?

Meanwhile, unaware of the drama unfolding in court, Karen and Rob Hollins are on stand-by to foster Mikey, if the court's decision doesn't go in Jadie and Beth's favour...

Doctors, Tam Campbell

Tam's not really in the mood for a night out after losing his job (Picture: BBC)

Doctors, Sid Vere

Sid rocks the mic at the Icon... but in a most unexpected way! (Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, Sid Vere and Ayesha Lee arrange a night out to a gig at the Icon Bar, and Becky Clarke reckons this is the perfect opportunity to introduce her boyfriend Tam Campbell (played by Sean Ward) to her new work colleagues.

But they're all in for a surprise when Sid takes to the mic during the gig to demonstrate a previously unseen talent!

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