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Doctors spoilers: Will Jimmi Clay expose Daniel Granger and Becky Clarke?

Doctors, Jimmi Clay, Daniel Granger

After being caught getting passionate at the sugery, Daniel and Becky are under pressure to come clean about their secret relationship...

When Jimmi Clay first heard his colleague Daniel Granger had fallen for another woman since his marriage break-up, he had no idea the other woman was surgery Practice Manager, Becky Clarke!

Now after catching Daniel and Becky getting frisky together in her office, Jimmi thinks they are both playing with fire. If Daniel's estranged wife Zara Carmichael finds out, there could be hell to pay!

However, Daniel doesn't think they are doing anything wrong and doesn't want to give up his new romance, despite Jimmi pressuring him to tell the truth.

But it's not long before Zara senses something's up with Becky and urges her to confide in her if something is wrong. Put on the spot, will Becky have no choice but to come clean?

Doctors, Matt Taylor, Archie Campbell, Reza Kadir

Did one of these three men attack Ayesha at the Student Union? (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, after studying the CCTV footage from the Student Union bar from the night of Ayesha Lee's ordeal, Shak Hanif believes he has identified three new suspects - Reza Kadir, Archie Campbell and Matt Taylor.

When all three are called into the police station for questioning, will Ayesha's attacker be identified?

Doctors, Imogen Hollins, Karen Hollins

Imogen returns! (Picture: BBC)

Also, Karen and Rob Hollins's daughter, Imogen is back in Letherbridge. The former student (last seen on screen in Doctors back in 2014) is back to pitch for the Creative Producer role at the upcoming Art Fest.

So when mum Karen discovers an Art Fest committee member has a son who goes to the same school as Zara Carmichel and Daniel Granger's son, Joe, she asks Zara to put in a good word for Imogen.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One