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Doctors spoilers: Will Su Turtle reveal WHO Daniel Granger's mystery woman is?

Doctors, Su Turtle

When Su gatecrashes Emma and Zara's girls' nite in, will she reveal the identity of Daniel's new woman and cause a scandal?

Since Su "without an e" Turtle arrived at the surgery as temporary Practice Manager, she's been giving Daniel Granger the cold-shoulder treatment because he's a man and reminds Su too much of her cheating ex, Dave!

But in today's episode, it seems Su may have the lowdown on Daniel's mystery new woman. Could she be about to blab a SHOCK secret that is sure to cause a scandal at The Mill?

Emma Reid is not best pleased when Su gatecrashes her and Zara Carmichael's girls' nite. But even Emma can't help but be intrigued when Su reveals she knows who Daniel now has feelings for, since he and Zara broke-up...

Zara and Emma both demand to know who it is! But has Su got her facts right?

Doctors, Jimmi Clay, Daniel Granger

Daniel tells Jimmi he is falling for another woman. (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Daniel is having a lad's night in playing video games with Jimmi Clay.

Daniel admits he now has feelings for someone new since his and Zara's marriage break-up... and he can't stop thinking about this woman. But will Daniel tell Jimmi the other woman is none other than their regular Practice Manager, Becky Clarke!

Doctors, Ruhma Carter

Ruhma starts to hear mysterious music at the hospital. (Picture: BBC)

And midwife Ruhma Carter has a tough day working at St Phil's. But things take an alarming turn when Ruhma starts to hear loud music playing, causing her to shout to be heard.

But everyone in the room is shocked by her request to turn the music off, as nobody else can hear anything! What's going on?

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One