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Doctors spoilers: Will Zara Carmichael and Daniel Granger kiss and make up?

Doctors, Zara Carmichael, Daniel Granger
(Image credit: BBC)

After weeks of squabbling, Daniel and Zara take some time out for a bike ride together. Can they finally put their differences aside?

Daniel Granger has been finding it hard to forgive his wife Zara Carmichael's one-night stand at Christmas with their colleague Sid Vere. But after Zara hit him with some harsh home truths about his own previous bad behaviour, Daniel appears ready to give her another chance.

Zara is thrilled when Daniel suggests they go for a bike ride together at lunchtime. Can the pair finally settle their differences or is there more trouble on the horizon for the Granger-Carmichael marriage?

Doctors, Karen Hollins, Valerie Pitman

Karen and Valerie are excited about Mrs Tembe's BIG news! (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, surgery receptionists Karen Hollins and Valerie Pitman are in an excited spin over the news church vicar Gordon Clement DID propose to Mrs Tembe during their romantic night out together.

However, the pair are puzzled when Mrs Tembe reveals she has yet to make a decision about Gordon's proposal of marriage! So when Gordon visits The Mill later that day, will Mrs Tembe reveal her decision?

Elsewhere in Letherbridge, policeman Rob Hollins tries to crack a case close to home, when a woman Kelly Barnett is arrested on suspicion of kidnapping another police officer's child.

But the case takes a more chilling turn when Kelly makes a shock confession...

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