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Dodger and Theresa kiss

A distraught Dodger is determined to find Texas's killer and when he catches sight of Theresa's statement among Jim's papers, he starts to think she's the culprit. He storms over to the McQueen's with fury in his eyes, but when he gets there, he passionately kisses the blonde and tells her he loves her but it's clear he wants something.

Tony's worried that he now has no-one to support him following his fall-out with Darren. While his attempts to open up to Diane fail miserably as he reschedules his operation.

As the Roscoes try to settle into village life, Jason is released from prison. He goes to confront Robbie - he knows he was the gun man. All the brothers are shocked when they find out the truth and Joe goes to visit Callum in hospital to persuade him to keep quiet. Robbie thinks he's in the clear, until Sandy discovers what he's been up to - busted.

Also, Doug visits Leanne in prison and is suspicious when she tells him about her closeness with Will; Tormented, Callum makes an admission that rocks Martha's world.