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Dot is rushed to hospital!

EastEnders - Dot Sonia Robbie
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Sonia finds an injured Dot after her bad fall and calls an ambulance.

Sonia has called an ambulance for Dot after finding her hurt in the house. As Robbie looks on, Sonia is furious that none of the locals have been keeping an eye on her. Patrick feels full of guilt at Sonia’s barrage. After an assessment at the hospital it’s revealed that Dot will need an operation to repair her hip.

Johnny feels bad about not backing up Derek in front of Keegan. Finding Derek, Johnny realises that there’s something else going on with him and he encourages him to open up. Is Derek keeping secrets?

Mick makes preparations for Linda’s arrival. He’s confident things are going to plan, but is he right to relax? Meanwhile, Robbie encourages Sonia to tell Bex that she wants her to move in with her.