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Drunk Bernice gets revenge on Lawrence!

(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Having found out Lawrence once had a full-blown love affair with Ronnie Hale, Bernice is devastated. Feeling like her marriage is a sham, she hits the bottle. When she's later given the keys to Lawrence's digger, Bernice sets off, fuelled by booze and bitterness. Staggering out of the pub, she climbs into her husband's digger ready to do his worst to Lawrence's development!

Cain is convinced Holly is still on drugs, so when Moira asks if her daughter can watch his son Kyle for him, he's not interested. But Moira soon finds herself in a tight spot and has to leave the little boy with Holly…

Elsewhere, Belle's rattled when Lachlan tells her married man Bailey's never going to leave his wife. At the clinic, Aaron's pleased as his poorly mum Chas makes progress with her PTSD.