Dylan suffers a drugs ordeal!

If Dylan could turn back time, would he still help Sanosi? (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Doctor Dylan Keogh blackmailed for smuggling refugee Sanosi into the UK?

Doctor Dylan Keogh reunites refugee Sanosi with his uncle Kamal this week, convinced he won’t see the traumatised boy he illegally smuggled over from France again for quite some time. So Dylan (Will Beck) can’t quite believe his eyes when paramedics bring Kamal into the ED, with Sanosi by his side!

Kamal’s suffering severe abdominal pains yet insists he simply needs a laxative. However, an X-ray reveals Kamal, who recently visited Amsterdam, has drugs in his stomach.

Questioned by Dylan, Kamal confesses the drugs are heroin and begs the disgusted doctor not to report him – after they all, they’ve both broken the law. Will Dylan allow himself to be blackmailed into silence? Or will he hand desperate Kamal and vulnerable Sanosi (Tut Nyuot) over the authorities?

Also this week, Casualty’s cool-headed consultant, Lily Chao (Crystal Yu) is in love and wants to tell the world she’s dating paramedic Iain Dean… The trouble is, she’s not sure how to do it, while maintaining her professionalism. Lily decides to draft a formal email to her co-workers, until Iain (Michael Stevenson) talks her out of it. Instead, she calls a meeting to break the good news!

Elsewhere, clinical lead, Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing), takes Ethan under her wing. As well as providing him with lunch, Connie also encourages Ethan to focus his mind by studying for his consultancy exams. Meanwhile, her ex, Jacob Masters, worries Connie’s displaying classic empty-nest syndrome and substituting Ethan for her daughter Grace. Or, could he be jealous of Ethan?

Meanwhile, Alicia’s colleagues are less than supportive at her attempts to turn over a new leaf, with porter Max opening a book on how long before she falls off the wagon. Her co-workers cynicism only strengthens Alicia’s resolve not to drink for a year and focus on work. When a driving lesson with Elle goes horribly wrong, will Alicia’s self-improvement plans be driven off course?

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