Dynasty and Kevin grow closer

(Image credit: BBC/Shed Productions (WR) Ltd)

Dynasty, who has settled into life at Waterloo Road, is determined to win the school's chess championship to prove how smart she is and show Kevin that she's not the blonde bimbo he thinks she is.

But Dynasty has her world rocked when her criminal ex-boyfriend arrives at the gates. Steve-O Malone is out of prison, and he wants to start a new life with her in Liverpool. Impressionable Dynasty goes along with him, and agrees to drop out of Waterloo Road and start a new life with him. Much to her disappointment, Kevin doesn't seem to be upset at the news.

Meanwhile, unwell Grantly takes a turn for the worse. He's lying in a coma, and steadfast Maggie is right by his side. However, she's shocked when Lorraine insists that she can't have any time off due to cuts. However, Tom makes a life-changing offer to Maggie and throws her a lifeline when he says that he will offer to be a kidney donor for Grantly.

Then, Audrey's future hangs in the balance when both Michael and Lorraine tell her that Waterloo Road need to cut their budget.

Finally, when Kevin and Dynasty eventually become closer, it ends up putting him in danger. Steve-O feels humiliated and angry at being jilted by Dynasty, and so comes after Kevin...