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EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter confronts Stuart!

Linda Carter bursts into the hospital to confront Stuart
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Linda is determined to get Stuart to retract his statement, Hayley has a run in with her mum Bev, and Kush finally agrees to hear out a scared Sophie.

The Carters are stunned following Mick's arrest and they question Stuart's story. After Halfway finds out from Zara that Stuart's giving his full statement, it's all hands to the deck to help Mick in his plight. Linda Carter is in pieces following Mick's arrest and she heads to the hospital. Storming into Stuart's room she accuses him of lying but she's taken outside by the police. Linda begs Zara to believe that Mick is innocent but Zara corroborates Stuart's story...

Mick has been nicked!

Mick has been nicked!

Hayley and Kat are less than pleased to see Hayley's mum Bev when she turns up on the Slater doorstep. They both tell Bev to get lost and Hayley is furious to find out that Jean called Bev in.

After Jean gives Hayley flowers from Bev, she decides to hear out her mum. Bev makes a confession to Hayley, however, which leaves her enraged as she realises her mum hasn't changed one bit. After a huge row, Bev gets into a cab but there's panic when Hayley thinks she's losing the baby. Hayley begs Bev for help but Bev cruelly drives off.

Kush sees Sophie in the market and he tells her she's not welcome. Martin feels obliged to calm down a raging Kush. When Kush visits Carmel he's horrified to find Sophie at the flat but he soon clocks that she's scared of him. Feeling mortified, Kush agrees to hear her out...

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday.