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Eileen and Michael get hot and heavy

Eileen’s stunned as Gail barges her way into No 11, but when Michael returns from visiting his ex wife he’s furious to see her and storms out. Michael later bowls into the Bistro, roaring drunk, revealing Andy’s an impostor and Gail’s a liar. Later, Eileen and Michael try to cheer each other up, but when Michael suddenly leans in for a kiss, Eileen responds. Meanwhile, Jason hurls abuse at Todd, who simply delights in his brother’s misery, which makes Jason decide to contact Eva.

Simon’s growing increasingly moody and storms out of the flat when Leanne asks him to help with some jobs. He later returns in a foul mood, angrily reminding Leanne that his mum is dead and hurls the TV remote at her face.

Liz hands a despondent Tony some paperwork to sign, detailing his role as a silent partner in the pub. As Tony reads Liz’s paperwork, Jason’s surprised he’s not putting up a fight.

Sophie interrogates Jenny about where she was on the night of the fire. Andy’s relieved when Nick lets him keep his job at the bistro.