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Emma finds Ross’s phone and fears the worst

Emma’s not happy. She doesn’t have Ross and Debbie won’t let her help look after his son, Moses. James talks to Debbie and she changes her mind as long as Emma isn’t left alone with the baby. That puts a smile on Emma’s face - until she finds Ross’s old phone, with Donna’s messages on it. Ross wouldn’t part with that. Emma’s very worried now - and then the family finds Ross’s wallet. They all agree that something bad has happened to Ross…

Leyla knows one thing for sure: she has no wedding business without Megan’s money. Megan, though, is struggling in her divorce battle with Jai - until Rishi steps in. He finds out Jai planned to leave Megan penniless and offers to pay for her solicitor. That’s a result for Megan but not Jai, whose assets are about to be frozen.

Laurel’s history repeats itself… She entered Emmerdale in 2002 dressed as a bee for Marlon and Tricia’s engagement party and she’s dressed as a bee again to help Kirin and Belle with some promotional work.