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Emma to Priya: 'You slept with my son!'

Emma Barton, Priya Sharma
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Emma confronts Priya then tells Leyla about her best friend's affair with Leyla's former fiance Pete

First episode

So Emma knows about Pete and Priya, so what does she do? Keep her son's guilty secret quiet? Not on your nelly! Despite Pete being deeply ashamed of his betrayal, Emma tears strips off Priya the moment she runs into her. But the unhinged nurse doesn't leave it there and goes on to tell wronged Leyla about the affair! Will Leyla believe her former fiance and best friend are capable of such a thing?

Jai's stunned reaction to Nell's recent pregnancy news didn't go down well with his girlfriend and he's desperate to make amends. Wanting to stay with Nell and raise a family together, Jai heads into town and returns with an engagement ring and a plan to propose to his pregnant partner!

Tracy's fed up when David refuses to splash out on a holiday preferring to save the cash for a rainy day. Borrrrr-rrring!