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Emmerdale spoilers! Is Aaron Dingle going to KILL Luke Posner?

Luke is worried what Aaron Dingle is about to do to him in Emmerdale

As angry Aaron Dingle rolls out the last of his revenge plan on the Posners, Luke is in his firing line…

Is Emmerdale's Aaron Dingle about to commit murder in the second of Thursday's episodes? (8pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

At Dale View, Luke Posner (Max Porter) has got home to find Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) waiting for him!

With depressed, vengeful, angry Aaron having spent the week intimidating Luke's mum Wendy (Susan Cookson), is Luke his next target? Will Aaron kill Luke, in the same way that his jailed-for-life husband Robert killed Luke's brother, Lee  (for raping his sister Victoria)? Is Aaron about to get a life sentence to match his hubby's?

Elsewhere, the really bad vibes continue between Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) who are squaring up to each other in the office when they're interrupted… by Ellis (now played by Aaron Anthony)! With Ellis back from Dubai will Al get his son on board with the 'business'?

Billy and Al square up to each other in Emmerdale

Ellis Chapman - now played by Aaron Anthony - returns and interrupts his dad Al and half-brother Billy having a row

Emmerdale continues on ITV.