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Emmerdale spoilers! Aaron and Robert engaged again?

Emmerdale spoilers! Aaron and Robert engaged again? Robron

Will it be second time lucky for 'Robron' as Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden both secretly plan to propose to the other! But who'll ask first?

Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden's relationship has weathered many a storm. There were times when it seemed as if they would never reach calm waters together but they have. The guys are in a great place and providing a stable happy home life for Aaron's troubled young sister Liv and Robert's baby son Seb.

Without realising what the other is up to, Robert (Ryan Hawley) and Aaron (Danny Miller) are both plotting to make their relationship official and get engaged! Though they've exchanged vows before, the ceremony was a disaster and a whole ton of drama has gone down between them since then. Now they're back on track they want to make it right.

With Liv and Chas in the know about Aaron's idea, can they help him get it off the ground? Will Robron put a ring on it?

Sam unburdens himself to Lydia, revealing that he helped his late wife Alice - who had terminal cancer - to die. Can Lydia ease Sam's anxiety about his son Samson finding out the truth about his mum's death?