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Emmerdale spoilers: Big birthday shocks for Lachlan White...

Emmerdale - Lachlan White, Zak Dingle, Sam Dingle

On Lachlan's birthday, he fakes a text message from his aunt Rebecca. But can the village killer keep his cool when questioned on Rebecca's whereabouts?

It's Lachlan White's birthday and the Dingles foolishly feel sorry for the lad, since none of his actual family are around for his special day. Little do they know, the killer has only got himself to blame for that!

To keep up appearances, Lachlan fakes a text message from his aunt Rebecca, while the Dingles buy him some birthday beverages at The Woolpack. However, Robert is suspicious about Rebecca's disappearing act. Surely she wouldn't just abandon their baby son, Seb?

But what will Robert discover when he searches Rebecca's room for clues? Is the murderer about to be rumbled after the shock confrontation between Lachlan and Rebecca at Mill Cottage?

Elsewhere, Aaron has romance on his mind and tells his sister Liv is planning to pop the question to long-time fella Robert!

Double-bill (Episode 1 of 2)

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV