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Emmerdale spoilers: Food fight! Brenda wants to take the cafe from Bob

Emmerdale spoilers! Revenge is a dish served cold for Brenda who takes the cafe from Bob

Brenda continues to punish her love-cheat husband Bob by demanding he sign over ownership of the cafe they've run together for years!

Second episode

Brenda Hope hits Bob where it hurts when she tells her ex-husband she wants to take ownership of the cafe! And seeing as he walked out on their relationship for a younger woman, their friend Laurel, Brenda (Lesley Dunlop)  is assuming she will get what she wants. And she does. Bob (Tony Audenshaw) agrees on the proviso he's given a taste of the profits.

At Butler's Barn things get more intense for Ross Barton when Cain turns up and informs him there is an unmarked police car outside!

After roasting Ross for being so stupid, will Cain help him out of an extremely tight spot?

Paddy tells Rhona a lie about the new locum. Why?