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Emmerdale: Love cheats David Metcalfe and Maya Cavanagh kiss!

Emmerdale David Metcalfe and Maya Cavanagh

Despite both being married, David and Maya can't fight their feelings for each other and find themselves kissing again. But will they get caught?

With both their marriages on the rocks, David Metcalfe and Maya Cavanagh have found comfort with each other, even though their other halves, Tracy and Liam strongly disapprove.

Tracy originally held out hope of saving her marriage. But it looks like all hope is lost when David and Maya meet-up again and are soon kissing passionately!

Elsewhere, Kerry is struggling with life at home in the aftermath of Amelia's kidnapping. But village vicar Harriet reminds Kerry that Amelia has been through a difficult time and things may not return to the way they were for a while.

And Aaron does his best to comfort mum Chas who is still trying to process the heartbreaking news her and Paddy's unborn baby daughter hasn't developed properly in the womb and may not survive.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV