Emmerdale spoilers! Will Dawn tell Billy she killed Malone?

Dawn offers to sleep with Jamie in Emmerdale

Emmerdale spoilers - Billy can't help but reach out to his ex when he sees distressed Dawn in floods…

Emmerdale's Dawn Taylor is at breaking point in Thursday's episode from 7pm on ITV (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Harriet's heart breaks when she realises Dawn (Olivia Bromley) is back on the game. An honest talk has been a long time coming for the pair but the mood sours when Harriet brings up Malone, the dodgy DI who Dawn shot dead and Harriet buried in the church graveyard.

Malone intimidates Dawn in Emmerdale

Dodgy DI Malone tried to get former junkie Dawn back on drugs

Harriet and Dawn Emmerdale

When Dawn shot Malone dead it was vicar Harriet – who had an affair with the bent cop – to get rid of his body

Billy's concerned when he passes Dawn in the street and sees his ex is in floods of tears. But Harriet warns Billy to stay away from Dawn. However, Billy just can't forget about it and soon seeks out Dawn… As the exes get talking, Dawn reveals she's working the streets again - but will she finally reveal her killer secret about Malone when Billy offers the tortured mum some much-needed comfort? Will Billy finally find out the real reason why Dawn had to dump him?

Dawn Taylor and Billy Fletcher in Emmerdale

Dawn dumped Billy to keep him safe and to stop him finding out she killed Malone (Image credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Harriet fills in Will, Dawn's dad, about what his daughter's been up to. Will's grateful but has he misinterpreted things when he lustily suggests he and Harriet go upstairs to the bedroom? How will the vicar react?

Will makes a suggestion in Emmerdale

Harriet tells Will that his daughter Dawn is back on the game

Will wants to go upstairs with Harriet in Emmerdale

Will is grateful for Harriet's help with Dawn - but how will she react when he suggests they take things to the bedroom?

Gabby (Rosie Bentham) is feeling very guilty about trying to ruin Liam (Jonny McPherson) and Leyla's relationship. Will she come clean about her sabotage?

As Priya (Fiona Wade) goes into wedding planning mode, Billy (Jay Kontzle) snidely wonders how long it will take his brother Ellis' (Aaron Anthony) dad Al (Michael Wildman) to break his fiancee's heart.

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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