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Emmerdale spoilers: What is Harriet Finch's SECRET connection to Dawn?

Emmerdale, Harriet Finch, Dawn

There was a startled look of recognition on village vicar Harriet's face when she caught desperate Dawn fleeing from Pete and Rhona's.

There was a shock for Harriet Finch when she collided with Pete Barton and Rhona Goskirk's troubled houseguest Dawn, and immediately recognised who she was.

While everyone else is more worried about Rhona, who has been left with a black eye after being shoved over by dodgy Dawn, village vicar Harriet's past has come back to haunt her with a vengeance!

But how does Harriet know Dawn? Could it be from her days when she was a policewoman?

As Harriet gathers her thoughts over seeing Dawn again, the prostitute confronts her outside St Mary's Church and is surprised to discover she is now a vicar. But things get heated and emotional as the two women discuss their past connection...

Elsewhere, village vet Vanessa Woodfield is on the move as she prepares to move her belongings into The Woolpack to live with her pub landlady girlfriend Charity Dingle. Let's hope the pair are ready for each other's company plus their assorted kids 24/7!

Emmerdale, Debbie Dingle, Sarah Sugden

Debbie is happy when her daughter Sarah is finally discharged from hospital and allowed to return home.

Meanwhile, Debbie Dingle is clinging onto every precious moment with her daughter Sarah, as she prepares to face the music in court over the ill-fated acid attack she arranged which accidentally left her ex-boyfriend Ross Barton badly scarred.

Will Debbie's crime finally catch up with her and see the mum sent to prison?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV