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Emmerdale spoilers: Is Victoria Sugden PREGNANT?

Emmerdale, Victoria Sugden

Victoria has been hiding a secret from her boyfriend Ellis...a pregnancy test! Is there a chance the village chef could be preggers?

Double-bill. Victoria Sugden gave Ellis Chapman the runaround when he first arrived in the village and made a play for her. But now the loved-up couple are definitely official...and maybe more than they know!

Unknown to boyfriend Ellis, Victoria has a pregnancy test kit and is in a panic about the test results! But when she tries to reach her fella on the phone, little does she know he's been having a medical emergency of his own after his brother Billy Fletcher began having a panic attack - after Victoria locked the pair of them in the Portakabin hoping they would settle their differences!

Emmerdale, Billy Fletcher, Ellis Chapman

Things went horribly wrong when Victoria locked boyfriend Ellis and his brother Billy in the Portakabin... (Picture: ITV)

But before Victoria can decide what to do, she is interrupted by Ellis's mum Jessie and husband Marlon and quickly hides the pregnancy test under the sofa.

Emmerdale, Jai Sharma, Cain Dingle, Kerry Wyatt

Kerry stands her ground against Cain and insists Kyle is coming to live with her. (Picture: ITV)

Meanwhile, there's a showdown at the factory when Cain Dingle confronts Kerry Wyatt over removing her young grandson and his son Kyle Wyatt from the care of Cain and his wife Moira, following Cain's arrest and questioning over the disappearance and death of his daughter Debbie's fiance Joe Tate.

Could a custody battle over Kyle be brewing?

Emmerdale, Rishi Sharma, Manpreet Jutla

Will Rishi get the message Manpreet wants to move in? (Picture: ITV)

Elsewhere in the village, Manpreet Jutla drops some subtle hints she hopes her fella Rishi Sharma will soon invite her to move into Holdgate. But will Rishi get the message?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV